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The ability to customize your childcare is unique to the au pair program—and the reason why so many parents choose Cultural Care Au Pair! When you have an au pair, you have the freedom to schedule your 45 childcare hours per week for when you need them most—including night-time and weekend hours.

You can apply for free by going to our website and using promo code PCAUG2012 from August 10, 2012 through August 14, 2012 and you’ll receive a $75 application fee waiver as well as a $250 program fee discount. As an added bonus, if you select your au pair by August 27, 2012, you will receive an additional $250 program fee discount —for a total of savings up to $575!*

We look forward to welcoming you to Cultural Care Au Pair!

Meet our available au pairs

Click here to meet other Cultural Care au pairs who are ready to join your family! Search through all of the available au pair candidates or use our simple search function to narrow your search.

Meet featured host families

Welcoming an au pair into your home is a big step, but you may find comfort in learning how other families have had successful experiences as part of our program. Meet current host families to find out what they love about hosting au pairs by clicking here.

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